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Teeth Whitening In Glendale

Are you looking to repair years of teeth-staining? Or would you like to simply brighten and strengthen your smile? In either case, Glendale Dental is your best bet for teeth whitening in Glendale, Wisconsin.

Are you looking to correct tooth discoloration or yellowing? Wear and tear? Fluorosis? The quest for whiter teeth has always been the most popular cosmetic goal for our patients in Glendale, Wisconsin. As a result, Glendale Dental offers a wide variety of treatments to put the confidence back into your smile.

Professional bleaching is one common treatment we recommend for our patients looking to whiten their teeth. Considering that the majority of the whitening procedure can happen from the comforts of your home, the process is the most convenient one available. Rather than over the counter approaches, professional bleaching comes in a variety of shade and brightness levels.

Traditionally the process requires two visits to our Glendale Dental office. During the first appointment, a series of molds of your mouth will be taken by your dentist, so to produce your tailor designed whitening trays.

When you return for your second appointment, you will try your new trey on for size to sample the fit. This is when your dentist will make any necessary alterations, before guiding you through the remaining steps of the process.

Back at home, it's time to fill the trays with a provided treatment solution. How long you will need to wear the treys depends on your specific whitening plan, but you can expect up to twice a day for 30 minutes or even overnight. This process may cause some tooth sensitivity, but rest assured it is a normal sensation. If you feel the amount of pain or redness is unusual, please call us.

After Your Procedure

When your regimen is complete, you're all set to flash your newly whitened teeth to the world. All of our teeth whitening patients in Glendale, Wisconsin agree – the process yields spectacular results!

Bear in mind, the whitening process is not permanent. It may be necessary to visit our office every couple of years for the odd touch-up. To maintain the whitest possible teeth, try to avoid substances known to stain the teeth, such as tobacco, wine, coffee, and so forth. A good oral hygiene routine, which includes regular trips to Glendale Dental, will do wonders for your health and keep you smiling brightly for years to come!

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