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Pediatric Dentistry In Glendale

It’s never too early to focus on healthy teeth.

Choosing the right pediatric dentist in Glendale, Wisconsin is an integral part of forming a life of great oral hygiene. We here at Glendale Dental look after patients in all age groups with attentive care. From baby teeth to braces or Invisalign for your teens, Dr. Mike will keep your kids healthy, safe, and well educated.

Glendale Dental utilizes the latest technological advances available to modern dentistry, which allows us to forecast your child's oral needs from an early stage. Our concentration regarding our younger patients revolve around harm prevention and teaching proper maintenance to protect your child's smile from the outset, and provide tools to maintain their ideal teeth as they grow up.

Our Glendale Dental team appreciates that it is a sacred privilege to be trusted with the oral health of your children and it is a responsibility we don't take lightly. By building a line of trust based on open communication, we aim to form ideal dentist/patient relationships that can last for years to come. Together, we can start your child off on the right path to a lifetime of happy, healthy teeth.

Common Questions from New Parents

A first-time visit to a family dentist can act as something of a lesson in pediatric dentistry. You can count on our expert staff to educate you on all areas of inquiry and ensure you are well guided toward a treatment plan. Here are some common concerns we here at from our pediatric dental patients in Glendale.

What should we expect on our first visit to a pediatric dentist?

On your first visit, you can expect a thorough investigation of your child's gums and general oral health. Most importantly, this appointment will provide a great introduction to the practice and positive opportunity to establish the trust required of an ideal dentist/patient relationship.

What treatments are available for my child at a pediatric dentist?

Some treatments offered to our infant patients include preventative treatments, diagnostic services, cosmetic procedures, crowns or fillings for children, athletic appliances, infant orthodontic services, emergency injury care, and beyond.

How important are my child’s baby teeth to development?

While baby teeth are only temporary fixtures in your child's mouth, they are fundamental to their oral development, as they establish a natural bite, speaking abilities, and other pathways to form a natural smile.

What should I know about my child and oral hygiene?

If your child is three years old or younger, we will advise that you limit their exposure to kinds of toothpaste containing fluoride, as it is important that your child learns not to swallow toothpaste prior to introducing fluoride substances.

Contact Glendale Dental today to schedule an introductory welcome appointment with your youngster's new dentist. Our pediatric dentistry team is the finest in Glendale, Wisconsin and we look forward to helping your child form a bright and lasting smile today!

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