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Metal Free Dentistry In Glendale

There is seemingly no end to the advances in modern dentistry and with the latest technologies come new and improved tactics to treat old problems.

At Glendale Dental, we pride ourselves in offering the most cutting edge solutions for your procedural needs and that means the latest in biocompatible materials so to offer metal-free dentistry for our patients of Glendale, Wisconsin to best preserve and enhance your smile.

For years and years, the only choice patients had to combat many common oral maladies were metal fillings and other metal prosthetics. Studies have shown that treatments of this ilk can be a damaging health risk, not to mention an eyesore.

Metal fillings can result in tooth discoloration. Additionally, the temperature negatively affects metal, causing it to shift and expand. This reshaping can result in additional injury to the tooth, while also clearing space for bacteria and decay to take form.

As for the placement of fillings, it is necessary for your doctor to extract an added portion of the tooth. Even when extremely careful, this process has been known to result in chips, fractures and other hazards to your teeth.

"I highly recommend Dr. Urbiatis and his staff. Everyone was extremely friendly and nice. The newly remodeled office is clean and neat as well as great new toys for kids. My kids loved, Lady Pickles, the new comfort puppy. My son was excited to get his teeth cleaned so he could pet the puppy." -Carrie G.

At Glendale Dental, we firmly believe that the most effective treatments are the most advanced ones available. And along with countless other patients in Glendale, Wisconsin we can testify that dentistry without metal is the way to go. Particularly because the compost fillings we offer, not only alleviate almost all concerns affiliated with metal but also, our materials dry into a cosmetically appealing white color leaving you looking great.

Since there is no need to remove the existing tooth structure on account of the composite filling adhesive placement, the health of the tooth is fully preserved. Our 100% metal free composite fillings are made from plastic and glass materials, so say goodbye to hazardous metal additives such as mercury.

For more complicated restoration, we now offer Zirconia Crowns, which uses zirconium materials to craft your tooth replacement. Zirconium is a spectacular biocompatible substance that is far stronger and safer than all other porcelain crowns. Not only do they look fantastic, but they are also highly resilient to wear or chips. Call us today to learn more about your options for Metal-Free Dentistry in Glendale, Wisconsin.

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