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Inlays and Onlays In Glendale

In seeking out treatments to restore your smile, traditional fillings aren’t necessarily your best bet.

Porcelain Inlays and Onlays will mend your dental injury without any unattractive metal or other composite filling debris. Learn why so many patients in Glendale, Wisconsin are choosing Inlays and Onlays over conventional fillings.

An inlay is an individually designed porcelain filling, matched to the exact shape of your tooth and bonded into place by your doctor. Inlays are utilized to restore damaged teeth caused by injury or decay. Inlays can be significantly more comfortable than the placement of a crown considering the process doesn't require as much tooth removal.

An Onlay is like Inlay in the respect that they're both made of specially-designed and fitted porcelain. Onlays replace larger areas that require restoration and can act as a substitute for chewing cusps. Onlays are sometimes considered 'partial crowns'.

As few as two short visits to Glendale Dental are all that is required for the placement of Inlays or Onlays.

Your First Visit

During your first appointment, the doctor will take a few impressions of your teeth, as well as molds to be used to sculpt your new Inlay. While your tooth is frozen, the dentist will excavate any decay, debris or remaining filling to prepare your tooth for the Inlay. A temporary filling will then be applied to protect the tooth as the laboratory creates your inlay.

Your Second Visit

When you return for your next appointment, the doctor will expertly insert the inlay. During this time, it is instrumental that you express any feelings of discomfort so that any correct adjustments may be made. Once this placement has occurred to you and your dentist's mutual satisfaction, the Inlay will be cemented into place, repairing your tooth.

After Your Procedure

There is no special maintenance required of Inlays or Onlays beyond your routine oral hygiene and healthy eating habits. Like with any other dental repair, consistent visits to our Glendale Wisconsin dentist office will ensure that your Onlays or Inlays continue looking magnificent.

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