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Emergency Dentistry In Glendale

Our expert Glendale Dental team are all specially certified in emergency dental treatments to use the most technologically advanced gear to date so to restore your gums and teeth should an injury occur.

A dental emergency is no laughing matter. Accidents are a part of life and sometimes even the most pristine teeth can be injured under the wrong circumstances. Sadly, not only can these unfortunate situations cause severe anxiety, but they can also be incredibly painful.

Our team at Glendale Dental is standing by ready to handle any type of happenstance to preserve and mend your teeth in the most comfortable way possible. See the best emergency dentist in Glendale, Wisconsin.

Incidents involving a loosened or a knocked out tooth from injury are certainly grounds for emergency care. Cases of extreme toothaches, caused by a crack tooth or some such malady, will also likely need to seek emergency medical care to address the pain with immediacy.

Less severe situations like a lost or missing filling/crown, or a cracked or chipped tooth that isn't causing pain, or even a moderate toothache, are certainly causes for concern that should be dealt with promptly but these situations are not considered dental emergencies.

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In many cases with oral trauma, it is quite possible for your dentist to save a tooth that has undergone injury. Just be sure to keep the following steps in mind to substantially increase your likelihood of keeping your tooth for many more years ahead.

Has your tooth been dislodged or knocked out?

Firstly, call our office right away. If promptly dealt with within the hour, there is a high likelihood that your tooth will be savable. Be sure to handle the tooth by the crown and not the root. If you're able to situate the tooth back into its place without causing severe pain, this is best, but should this not be possible, hold the tooth inside your cheek as you make your way over for emergency treatment. If you're unable to keep the tooth inside your mouth, the best place to temporarily store the dislodged tooth is in a container soaking in saliva, water, or milk – hydration is of the utmost importance.

Are you missing a crown?

Keep it safe and sanitized. You can purchase a temporary adhesive to fit the crown back in place as you prepare to see the dentist for a more lasting fix. Should the crown be altogether lost, this same cement can help fill the tooth and prevent further pain and damage.

Suffering from a toothache?

Make an appointment with Glendale Dental as soon as possible, but in the meantime, be sure to rest ice or a cold compress against your cheek to alleviate pain and swelling. You may also take over the counter pain relievers to help with the pain.

Contact us now to learn more about any dental issue. Glendale Dental strives to assist all of emergency dental patients in Glendale, Wisconsin with urgent care treatment. Your smile is too important not to protect!

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