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Dental Crowns and Bridges In Glendale

Not only can tooth-loss or damage destroy the confidence in your smile, one cracked or worn out tooth can make eating and other routine activities incredibly unpleasant and very painful.

Should you be one of the countless people in Glendale, Wisconsin experiencing damaged or missing teeth, the best solution to regain and restore your healthy smile may very well be dental crowns and bridges. Our Glendale Dental office is excited to guide you back toward a happy and strong smile.

A dental crown looks just like a tooth but it's actually more like a “cap” or a cover custom shaped to fit over your worn or damaged tooth. A crown is bonded to the tooth and requires the same maintenance of brushing and flossing to help it stay on the tooth for as long as possible.

It tends to take two or three visits to crown or cap a tooth. During the first visit, your tooth will be prepared to receive the cap through shaping so it will fit within the new cover. Drilling will be required to give your tooth the correct form and appropriate shape. The tooth and its surrounding area will be numbed beforehand.

If there isn't much of a tooth foundation to begin, we will have to construct a fuller tooth with filling substance, as opposed to removing further structures of the tooth to fit the crown. You and your dentist will go over all of your available options to best suit your specific experience, but with our top tier materials, we'll work to make your dental crown almost undetectable.

"I highly recommend Dr. Urbiatis and his staff. Everyone was extremely friendly and nice. The newly remodeled office is clean and neat as well as great new toys for kids. My kids loved, Lady Pickles, the new comfort puppy. My son was excited to get his teeth cleaned so he could pet the puppy." -Carrie G.

If your teeth are damaged or worn, a dental crown is likely the best solution for you. But if you are experiencing a fully missing tooth, a more direct approach may be necessary. This is where a bridge may enter the discussion.

Dental bridges are made up of a series of attached porcelain crowns specifically tailored to your mouth to literally bridge the gap between one or more missing teeth completing your smile.

The dentist will attach your replacement teeth or “abutment teeth” by anchoring the crowns to either side of your neighboring teeth so to act as a bridge. Using the finest materials of porcelain fused with metal, bridges are a solution offering longevity, as with proper care, a dental bridge can last for over 15 years.

The number of crowns or abutment teeth necessary to bridge the gap of missing teeth depends on the length and size of the tooth roots, the location in the mouth of the missing teeth, and the number of missing teeth. So if you have three missing teeth, for example, it may require four abutment teeth, thus creating a bridge of seven teeth. To engineer and design such a bridge, a specialist must have an expert understanding of the biology of supporting bone and gum tissue.

Dental crowns and bridges are just two teeth-restoration solutions available to our community in Glendale, Wisconsin. Contact Glendale Dental today to speak with a knowledgeable member of our team to learn about all of the potential routes to the ideal smile for you!

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