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Dental Cleaning and Examinations In Glendale

In order to maintain great oral hygiene, it is necessary to make routine visits to your dentist office.

Glendale Dental accommodates all of our patients in the Glendale, Wisconsin community to ensure that dental cleanings and examinations are easy and carefree.

The Glendale Dental team of doctors and oral hygienists work in tandem to ensure that your treatment is first class from the moment you schedule your first appointment until the time you leave feeling clean, healthy, and energized.

While at a dental examination, the doctor will thoroughly inspect your teeth for any evidence of a possible dental issue. It is of great importance, as with all issues of a medical nature, to catch any potential hazard as early as possible.

While every individual patient's experience will be catered to their specific needs, a visit to Glendale Dental for an examination will likely consist of the following routine procedures:


X-Ray images are essential for the dentist to examine signs of decay or bone-loss under the gums. These visual aids will also be critical for inspection prior to any periodontal treatment.

Tooth Decay

Every tooth will be examined by the dentist for evidence of decay or wear. The tooth deterioration is caught, the better the chances of preventing painful and expensive tooth-loss.

Gum Disease

Your gums will be thoroughly examined to ensure they are healthy and strong. If evidence of any periodontal disease is discovered, you and your dentist will discuss your options for a treatment plan to properly care for your teeth. It may be necessary to schedule further appointments.

Restoration Checkup

Any existing fillings, bridgework, or implants will be inspected to ensure that they are still functioning properly. Consistent monitoring of these existing treatments will significantly increase their durability.

Oral Cancer Screening

In terms of more dangerous conditions, such as oral cancer, an early discovery is essential to achieving a successful treatment. Thorough examinations by the dentist will help you stay safe.

Once your dental exam is complete, it's time to clean and shine your smile. One of Glendale Dental's expert hygienists will conduct a thorough cleaning, sustaining your oral health, leaving you with a fresh feeling.

The cleaning begins with plaque and tartar removal, which eliminates the assorted bacteria in your mouth that can result in tooth decay or gum disease. Since this bacteria is incredibly difficult to detect, only dental cleanings will effectively control their threat.

Once the plaque and tartar are removed, the hygienist will begin polishing your teeth with state of the art tools to eliminate any remaining bacteria so to leave your teeth with a pristine, healthy glow.

Oral hygiene is an integral responsibility, and Glendale Dental understands that there are many choices for dental examinations in Glendale, Wisconsin. Our firm commitment to our patient's comfort and wellbeing make our practice a standout dental office. Contact Glendale Dental today to experience our dedication for yourself!

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