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Dental Checkups In Glendale

The majority of dental patients in Glendale, Wisconsin visit their oral specialist at least once a year for a routine dental checkup, but few actually understand what occurs during these appointments.

Having strange dental instruments in your mouth while hearing discomforting noises is an understandable source of anxiety, so we here at Glendale Dental make it our duty to keep our patients well-informed about every step of the process.

After you've finished your dental checkup, you and your doctor will discuss its results and all further steps to ensure continued oral care in the future. This could involve scheduling an appointment for a treatment to address any current issues, or it could be as simple as establishing and reinforcing correct dental habits at home to maintain your healthy smile.

We find that our patients in Glendale Wisconsin who successfully fall into a healthy consistent oral hygiene routine at home have shorter, less eventful dental checkups. The strength of your smile is up to you. We're here to guide you on your journey.

During your visit:

Teeth Cleaning

Your dental checkup begins with a thorough cleaning completed by one of our team's trained oral hygienists. We begin by scraping off all plaque and tartar that gathers below the gums. Afterward, the hygienist will provide polishing to remove any remaining residue and to give your teeth a smooth, shiny finish that prevents further plaque from collecting.


Now that your teeth are clean and shimmering, it's time to inspect your mouth for any possible problem areas. We use a metal mirror instrument to help look behind and between the gums and teeth for softened tooth enamel, dentin, sores or redness, and any swelling. We will also closely monitor the measurements of your mouth's periodontal pockets for any evidence of gum disease.


Finally, the dentist will take a series of X-Ray images of your mouth to check for any deeper issues. These images make the entirety of your teeth visible as well as the jawbone and roots of your gum line allowing the specialist to examine the exact condition of your mouth. This is how your dentist will be able to suggest any further appropriate treatments for oral care if necessary

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