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Lumineers In Glendale

Porcelain Veneers offer a very effective way to enhance your smile while restoring worn or fractured teeth, but there is one drawback.

In most cases, the procedure of applying the veneer consists of excavating a portion of an existing tooth enamel to make space.

For those patients reluctant to risk any sort of lasting adjustment, there is another strong option available to the community of Glendale, Wisconsin – Lumineers!

Lumineers are as thin as a contact lens, while still being remarkably durable. Lumineers fully cover the treated area, providing a resilient new exterior. The foundation of your tooth remains healthy below the surface, as no enamel has been affected.

Lumineers are a perfect solution for our Glendale, Wisconsin dental community. If you're one of the countless people suffering from common dental concerns such as discoloration, oral symmetry, gaps, chips, wear, or if you're simply looking for general smile improvements, Glendale Dental will assist in providing the best care tailored to you!

When you return for your next appointment, the dentist will skillfully place the thin porcelain shell to fit the surface of your teeth. At this point, final confirmations will occur, in which the fit, shape, and color of the Lumineers are bonded over your teeth to everyone's satisfaction.

The Lumineer application process is fast and easy, considering there is no need for shaping or grinding. Better yet, the procedure is instantaneous, so no frustrating recovery aid is required. Your fresh smile is immediately set to meet the town!

"I highly recommend Dr. Urbiatis and his staff. Everyone was extremely friendly and nice. The newly remodeled office is clean and neat as well as great new toys for kids. My kids loved, Lady Pickles, the new comfort puppy. My son was excited to get his teeth cleaned so he could pet the puppy." -Carrie G.

After Your Procedure

Since there is no permanent alteration applied to your teeth, there shouldn't be any post-procedural discomfort. You may need a touch of time to get used to the repaired feeling, but other than that, your smile is all set!

There is no special care required with Lumineers other than sustaining consistent oral hygiene. Just keep brushing your teeth and continuing to schedule routine checkups at Glendale Dental. With healthy oral hygiene, the Lumineers can endure for over 20 years.

Should you, for whatever reason, decide to remove the Lumineers, you may do so at will, as the foundation of the tooth is fully intact - unlike with traditional Veneers, which is an irreversible process. That said, one look at your new smile and it's quite doubtful that you'll ever look back.

Please call Glendale Dental today to find out if Lumineers are for you. Our dedicated team of Glendale, Wisconsin Lumineer experts are ready and excited to begin assisting you!

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