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Dentures and Partial Dentures In Glendale

As life goes on, even the most diligent practitioners of oral care will find that extra dental assistance may be required at some point.

Time and time again, our patients in Glendale, Wisconsin experiencing tooth loss find that dentures and partial dentures are the most feasible and affordable solution.

Full or partial dentures are your two choices when going this route. Partial dentures are the best option for those who are only missing a few teeth along the arch of your lower or upper gum-line. If the problem is more severe, you may need to consider full dentures in order to restore your smile back to its potential.

With all the remarkable advances in modern dentistry, it may seem a bit outdated to go with dentures. There are some very real benefits that you may wish to consider before determining the best treatment for you.

For one, dentures are the most affordable option out there. Maintenance is quite simple, as cleaning and care are very easily done. They're also quite easy to insert and extract. One huge benefit for partial and full dentures in Glendale, Wisconsin is the lack of any required surgery. Dentures appear natural, giving you a great new smile.

Dentures are made from either acrylic, metal, or resin materials that securely fit in place atop your gums. A simple suction or adhesive solution may be used to keep your dentures snug and secure, but for some, it may be necessary to provide a dental implant as an anchor.

For a long time, dentures had been largely made from plastic or porcelain materials. With the many advances in modern dentistry came new more bio-friendly materials like hard resin. Given the quality of this material, dentures should be replaced roughly every five years.

As for the support structure, which is custom made to resemble your natural gum line, the materials are produced from a similar hard resin substance used to make the artificial teeth.

To best asses which treatment is the right choice for your needs, call our Glendale Dental office today to learn more about your options. Our specialists are ready to begin guiding you toward the perfect path for you to complete your smile!

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